Terms and Conditions of your bespoke dental care

 Our journey with you: From Sanjay Sethi

 At Square Mile Dental Centre we have been providing excellent care and have established a wonderful reputation for over 20 years. We believe that a successful journey with our patient firmly relies on mutual respect and trust. The team at Square Mile understands that advanced top quality dental treatment can involve a significant financial cost to our patient, and can also involve a tremendous amount of planning by our dentists. The practice ethos is to ensure both parties are happy in order to create a long term professional relationship with your continued dental care. As clinical director, my goal for my team is that you finish your treatment feeling confident with your dental health and smile. To ensure both parties are clear in our journey, we have set certain clauses to outline the financial and clinical responsibilities of our patients and our dentists. 


We advise that you read these terms carefully and would be more than happy to discuss any aspects in detail. The separate terms and conditions sheet mustbe signed along with the signed care plan in order for us to continue with your treatment.


We look forward to starting your journey towards a healthy smile


Kind Regards  


Dr Sanjay Sethi, 


Clinical Director at Square Mile Dental Centre