General Dentistry


Complete Dental Examination

From routine check-ups to advanced cosmetic treatment planning, our dentists will assess the health of your teeth, gums and the oral soft tissues as well as discuss your desires for improving your smile.



Regular deep cleaning around your teeth and gums is essential to maintain a healthy oral environment and ensure your existing dental work is being looked after. Our fully qualified and highly experienced dental hygienist will also help you to establish an ideal daily cleaning routine ensuring your mouth is given the attention it deserves.

We always schedule our hygiene appointments for 45 minutes. This gives you and the Hygienist the time to discuss what is really important to you.


Tooth Coloured Restorations

Unfortunately most of us will need a filling in our lifetime, whether it's to replace failing metal fillings or treat new problems. At Square Mile Dental Centre we are proud to provide stunning tooth coloured fillings to restore the natural look and long lasting function of the tooth. Sanjay and Nik Sethi regularly lecture and provide teaching to other dentists on these procedures.


Root Canal Treatment

Deep decay or trauma can cause damage to the nerve of a tooth. Unfortunately this occasionally results in an abscess and severe pain.  In the past this may have meant extraction. However nowadays we always to our absolute best to save these teeth. At Square Mile Dental Centre we use state of the art materials and work under microscope to accurately clean and remove infection within the roots. This is generally pain free and after sealing the roots we can save the tooth and then restore with a filling or crown. 


Periodontal Treatment

Gum Disease is the process of bone loss around a tooth, which is caused from bacteria. A number of factors can contribute to this problem, such as genetics, sub-optimal cleaning, Diabetes, reduced immunity and more. This can lead to significant bone support being lost around a tooth. If left unchecked this can leave teeth being mobile and even worse, teeth may be lost. We firmly believe in saving teeth. Treatment involves thorough cleaning under magnification from our very experienced dentists and then excellent maintenance with our wonderful hygienist. We will also go through an oral hygiene routine for you to follow at home to help control the problem.

Crowns and Bridges

With modern science and latest materials, most teeth can be restored with composite (tooth coloured) restorations. However there are still times when we need to consider different options. Crowns and Onlays (partial crowns) involve preparing the tooth and covering with a tooth coloured ceramic restoration to restore the function and aesthetics of broken down teeth. Bridges are similar but involve replacing missing teeth by crowning the neighbouring teeth. You can be safe knowing that at our practice we do all of our crown preparations under magnification and therefore keep the treatment as minimally invasive as possible. We only use the best dental technicians and the best ceramic materials to ensure a long lasting beautifully aesthetic result. See our Smile Gallery for examples of our stunning crowns.