Success Stories


"Friendly & professional: 100% recommended!”



"Easily the best dental experience of my life. The staff are kind, professional and an absolute pleasure to spend time there - not often something you say about being at the dentist! Highly recommended.

— Karen


"Absolutely brilliant dentist and hygienists. Very professional and always offer the best advice.

— Lindsay


"Easily the best dental experience of my life. The staff are kind, professional and an absolute pleasure to spend time there - not often something you say about being at the dentist! Highly recommended.


"Excellent quality and couldn't be happier with the quality of work. Dr. Nik did a fantastic job on rebuilding one of my teeth and perfectly colour matched it to my other teeth. The hygienist is also excellent.


"Describe Sanjay and his team as efficient is an understatement, they are professional, caring and Sanjay truly care about what's best for his patients, providing excellent care. I thought I had a good dentist before, (actually more expensive) but Sanjay has surpassed my expectations. His practice is well located and fairly priced as well. Highly recommend it!


"Absolutely brilliant dentist and hygienists. Very professional and always offer the best advice.


"An excellent dental surgery! I've seen Nik for a number of years and would have to say he (and the staff) are the most caring and professional dentists that I've ever attended. I originally saw Nik because of pain in my jaw (caused by grinding) and he worked with me over a number of years to improve it to a point where I'm in a better position than I was 10 years ago! He advised on what was going wrong, how we can fix it (proactively and reactively) and then worked with me on delivering the plan! I couldn't be happier. Highly recommended!!!


"Excellent aftercare, top class dental work. I travel back from outside of the UK to see Dr Nikhil Sethi !!


"Very good services. Friendly staff


"The best dentist in the UK...period! :-)


"Extremely professional and very competent with excellent after care


"Nik and Sanjay have got to be the best dentists in London!


"Friendly & professional: 100% recommended!


"I have had nothing but excellent treatment and care from Nik. The time and precision involved in everything he does is not only reassuring but guarantees great results.

Living abroad, Square Mile Dental have managed to squeeze 3 appointments into a 10 day period on 2 occasions for me - going above and beyond what I'd expect from a dental practice.

There is a really friendly and welcoming environment in the practice, not something you get everywhere. Pleasant and helpful reception staff also make the whole experience far less stressful that it could otherwise be - THANK YOU!”


"Great services and team


"Excellent work and aftercare.


"I would like to thank Sanjay and his team for the outstanding care you have given me over the past year. I understand that the work required was not straightforward and I really appreciate the skill with which you undertook some complex procedures.

"I am also grateful for your consideration of my financial constraints. The cost of my treatment plan was a massive amount for me, so it really helped that you were thoughtful about keeping costs to a minimum and remained flexible concerning the final balance.

""I hope that in the future I shall be able to continue visiting Square Mile Dental Centre for regular check-ups and further treatment. Please pass on my thanks to all the staff, especially Nik and Shazna, for always being so kind and considerate.


"Dear Sanjay & Shazna I just wanted to say a MASSIVE MASSIVE THANK YOU for everything you have done for me and for all your kindness and care shown to me. Thanks to you I am now smiling inwardly and outwardly!! You have made such a difference to the way I feel, I really cant thank you enough. With Very Best Wishes."


"Dr Nik Sethi treated me for tooth erosion and masterfully rebuilt my smile with composite fillings on 6 of my upper front teeth. Despite a long day in the dentist chair Dr Sethi put me at ease, was very professional, friendly and most importantly extremely thorough in his approach. His perfectionism and flawless work resulted in me leaving with a brand new smile which I was extremely happy with. I would highly recommend him for any restorative dental work if you are looking for very high quality work that will leave you with a natural looking smile again."


"Just writing to say thank you for the excellent job you did for me recently. I know you were pressed for time on the day of my appointment, so I really appreciate the time and effort taken to restore my original tooth. As always - a dental masterpiece! Thanks so much."


"I recently underwent composite filling treatment with Dr Sanjay Sethi at the Square Mile surgery. Dr. Sethi was extremely thorough and professional and I could not have been happier with the final result."


"I had an idea of doing an implant for couple of years but never was sure which doctor would be best to choose. During the two years I went round registering in different clinics, getting smaller jobs done. This way I was also testing dentists' knowledge and skills. It was important to get answers to my questions, which was apparent when I was dealing with Sanjay. He was patient, honest and always presented options to choose from. Sanjay was particular supportive when I was dealing on a faulty crown I had done in the previous practice. He issued a qualified opinion, free of charge that helped with my case to recover costs incurred on the crown. He of course was good at his work and always kept me informed about all the details during treatments, with full breakdown of fees applied at each stage of work. After this experience Sanjay was an easy and obvious choice of dentist to have my implant done."


"I have been casting about looking for a dentist who I could trust, who would take the time to understand the issues that mattered to me most and who had the technical skill to assist me with the rather extensive treatment I require.

"I have visited several private clinics in London and have even considered overseas treatment: in each case I experienced a brusque indifference from the treating dentist and staff and felt that my treatment was being structured for their convenience and financial benefit.

"Within Square Mile Dental Centre I have found an exception to what seem to be the rule � I understand the treatment being provided; I am aware of the costs involved and I am entirely confident that the treatment provided will be of the highest possible standard."


"I ruined by bottom teeth, by not wearing the retainer after traditional braces when I was 12. My lower front 4 teeth were very crooked and overlapping, so I decided to have a Cfast consultation with Nik Sethi in August 2013. I immediately knew Nik and his assistant Hina, were very friendly, professional and wanted the best for my teeth. The Cfast method was prefect for the teeth I wanted to correct, and the brace was hardly noticeable and quick to get used to.

"I met with Nik at least once every month, to update the wire and O rings. The whole process only took 6 months, and I had the fixed wire fitted to the back of my teeth along with a retainer for night time. It has made be feeling so much happier about my teeth and was great timing for my proposal, and now they are ready for our wedding next year! Highly recommend Nik Sethi and the team at Square Mile Dental Centre who provide a professional and friendly service."


"The service, talent and attention I receive at the Square Mile Dental Centre are excellent. Over the last 3 years I have received superb orthodontic treatment from Leone, undergone a wisdom tooth extraction with zero pain or complications thanks to Dr S Sethi, and fallen asleep in the chair during what turned out to be a very relaxing root canal (not under the influence of drugs or medication, I should add) whilst in the care of Dr N Sethi.

"If the above was not enough to keep me as a returning client as it is, then I should add that the convenient City location and effort that the whole team put into scheduling appointments around my work are second to none.

"Square Mile Dental Centre thank you for all your hard work, my smile is a lot brighter thanks to you all."


"Having been a model 20 years ago, I was deeply saddened that my smile had vanished through my own mistake of excessive consumption of a certain soft drink over 3 years. Dr. Sanjay Sethi not only restored my former smile - he even improved it by making it perfect in a totally naturalistic way. With natural little specs on some teeth, like beauty spots and every single tooth formed free handed, slightly different, in perfect shape, as found in dentists text books. And by lengthening and widening my front teeth he also made them more masculine and hence he rejuvenated my face automatically, too. (Some friends even thought I had had a facelift!!) Am overjoyed every single day when I catch my teeth in the mirror and no money in the world can express how grateful I am. For me - Dr. Sanjay Sethi simply is THE PICASSO of aesthetic dentistry."

"I was delighted with the way Nikhil transformed my smile from something I was very self-conscious about into something to be proud of. I couldn't speak highly enough of him and the team at Square Mile Dental."

"Since being a patient at the square mile dental practice. I've received first class treatment from the day I arrived, the staff have been friendly and accommodating. Nikhil & Sanjay Sethi have been fantastic coming up with a plan for my Oral Health. Now that everything is in place for the cosmetic treatment, I can't wait to have my Hollywood smile. I have and would recommend square mile to anybody."

”If Heston Blumenthal is a Food Alchemist, then Sanjay Sethi is a Dental Wizard. He managed to work absolute wonders on my front teeth, matching some composite bonding that was first done by my late father some 17 years ago. Everything looks so real and natural, one is unable to tell what is tooth and what isn't. I know he has stretched the limits of what that material can do and I equally know there are very few out there who are able to utilize the medium with such skill and sensitivity. I am absolutely delighted with the results and I'd commute from Warwickshire again and again for Sanjay to work his magic on my smile in the future."

Mr E. Costello

"Square Mile Dental Surgery above all provides excellent all round customer service with professional & customer centric leadership from Sanjay. The ability to get an appointment at short notice such as when i needed route-canal treatment a couple of years ago, is very pleasing & I've never had any problems post treatment. In summary, excellent professionalism & customer service as proven by the fact that I still go there despite no longer working in the City."


"Just a quick note to let you know how it's going and to thank you for what you've done so far. My teeth feel so much stronger now making it so much easier for me to eat, I am still a bit tentative but 100% better than before. I went out for a big family lunch on Saturday, it wasn't so much what I ate but the fact that I went at all! Apart from special occasions I have tended to avoid restaurant situations over the past MANY years, being too self conscious to eat in front of people. You have no idea how much difference it makes to your confidence when you can eat without worrying too much about your teeth."


"Sanjay is one of the outstanding dental clinicians in London. He has a gentle approach to his patients without compromising their standard of care. He is extremely passionate about his work and has a very broad and extensive professional knowledge. He is highly regarded by his peers both as a person, a teacher and a clinician. Quality of care and the pursuit thereof is his driving force. His standards are such that he counts many dentists among his patients. He is completely honest in his work ethic and takes his pursuit for perfection to the Nth degree. Be reassured you will have made a very good choice of dentist if you choose Dr Sanjay Sethi."

Dr Shane Gordon B.Ch.D (dentist)

"Being a perfectionist cosmetic dentist with the highest of the high standard, I had been unable to trust any one with my own teeth since entering dental school. Over the years unfortunately I had seen a lot of hidden terrible dentistry and my faith in our profession had somewhat deteriorated. As a result my dentition had suffered a lot. Not only did you restore my faith back in dentistry but enlightened me with your knowledge, expertise and skills. You gave me a new hunger and thirst for becoming an even better dentist just when things were becoming repetitive and common! I have a new found thirst and excitement for my field and fire that you have reignited in me. Restoring almost an entire tooth with every part of tooth morphology is simply genius! Whereas most other dentists would have been too happy to shave off tooth placing numerous cast restorations, you cared to dare rebuild with care and attention at chair side using minimally invasive techniques. I never once felt pain or any discomfort during or post treatment!"

Dr Beeta Salek-Haddadi (Dentist)

"In the last 10 years, I have attended many national and international dental meetings with Dr Sanjay Sethi. At each one he has seen the highest standards achievable anywhere in the world, raised the bar on his own clinical skill and vowed to achieve it. He has done so with dedication, great humour and a consummate skill. Sanjay thinks microscopically, rebuilding the beauty of the human dentition with a deep knowledge and the true passion of an artist. His abilities and humility have raised him to be one of the most in-demand lecturers on aesthetic dentistry in the UK and abroad, recognised as an esteemed colleague by the very people who inspired him in the first place from the international podiums.

His end results set the standard for the rest of us, clinicians and laboratory technicians alike. He is dedicated to his patients, charging far less than he should for the standard he works to just for the ability to provide those under his care with the best possible treatment, simply because he loves doing so. I'm proud to call him a close colleague and dear friend and to teach alongside him. Having seen the path he has trodden and how hard he has worked, there will be few who know him who will disagree that Dr Sanjay Sethi is inspirational in his commitment to our profession."

Dr Koray Feran BDS MSc FDSRCS. Implant and Restorative Dental Surgeon. Clinical Director-The London Centre for Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry, London W1